Beyond the States is the college counseling service that I used when researching English taught universities abroad. The "Best Fit list" along with all the features of membership, and personalized help from the founder, Jennifer Viemont, are what lead me to choose Anglo American University and feel confident about my decision.  

Every school and program Beyond the States features are US accredited or internationally recognized so you know your degree will be accepted back in the US.

There is a ton of free information and professional advice on the Beyond the States website, blog, and podcast, plus even more info in Jennifer's book which you can find on Amazon.

 If you are serious about the option of university abroad, want more specialized expert advice, and decide that counseling is worth the investment for you, cut the price a bit with my referral codes;

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And, yes, Beyond the States can help with getting your masters abroad too!

AAU is the university I currently attend.  It teaches entirely in English and is accredited in the US in addition to my degree, Humanities, Society and Culture being internationally recognized.  AAU has been a great community for a baby expat like me.  To have the support that the AAU community offers when you first move abroad is invaluable. 

If you happen to apply mention you heard about AAU from me in your application for the University's 'Bring a Friend Program'!

Looking for more info about the financial aspect of college abroad? Just after arriving in Prague in 2017, I was interviewed by Nerd Wallet about my decision to go to school in Prague.  

This article gives a great rundown on the financial side of university abroad and being an international student.

This was the NPR story my mom and I heard on the radio which began my search for college abroad! Since it was published in 2015 it's a bit old now but the info is still relevant and worth the 3-minute listen.

Study Portals offers a database of universities globally.  You can sift through universities around the world for free! You can search Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. courses here. I personally think this is a great place to start your research about specific universities in Europe and around the world.  


But, be careful, the universities listed aren't guaranteed to be internationally recognized or have US accreditation so if you do decide to apply to a university you find there without consulting a college counselor first, be sure to check their accreditations so you don't end up with a useless degree. 

If you're looking to get your masters abroad and you're hoping to stay after you graduate (or maybe you just want to escape the US), whatever the case, getting EU citizenship would be a pretty sweet deal.  This article, technically written for Brits worried about Brexit, details the easiest places to get citizenship after finishing your masters.  The list includes France, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.


I have come full circle! An NPR story started my search for schools abroad and this is my interview answering a few questions about what it is like to study abroad. 

Take a listen!

Social Media Impact

This story from expands on the usefulness of TikTok and social media when

students are looking for their schools to study abroad. 

Read here!

Beyond the States:
Studying with ADHD in Europe

Beyond the States did a segment on the difficulties of studying abroad (especially during COVID), and invited me to speak. I dive into studying abroad as  student with ADHD.

Listen here!