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Travel Bags You Didn't Know You Needed

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Having the wrong bag when you're traveling can nearly ruin a trip, or at least make your life really difficult getting to and from your destination. After years of trying every type of bag on the market, here are the four bags that have become my staples for both short and long trips.

Spoiler: these bags are both cute and functional


  1. Best Security

  2. My Day Bag

  3. Best Carry On

  4. Maximizing Space

Theft Proof Security:

Cross Body Bum Bag

About this Bag:

I highly recommend having a bum bag and wearing it cross body because it is hands down the best style bag to keep all your most important items safe.

The placement close to your chest means you will always have your most important items, ie. passport, wallet, phone, literally right under your nose.

Qualities to look for:

  • Thick Strap

    • My bag has such a wide strap, it's almost like a seat belt.

    • Thieves will sometimes try to slash your bag strap and run away with the bag, a thick, sturdy strap would make this far more difficult.

    • Also, a thick strap wont dig into your shoulder like a thin strap.

  • Secure Buckle & Buckle Placement

    • Make sure the buckle isn't easy to be unclipped from behind.

Unfortunately, the bum bag I have from Mango is discontinued so here are a few similar bags I love and recommend:

Day Bag:

Any Tote Bag!

Hear me out...

Totes definitely aren't the most theft proof bags out there, but I love to travel with them because they simply don't take up as much space as a purse and they're cute. I stick one in my carry on and use it to carry less valuable things like towel, water bottle, snacks, whatever.

Plus, totes are comfortable to carry, have a ton of space, and I feel like I have more control over them than a backpack.

Also, totes definitely don't scream tourist like sporty backpacks or specially made travel bags. However, I usually do opt to keep my valuables in my waist bag.

Some cute totes I love:

Best Carry On:

Deadass, this is the bag that inspired me to write this post - it's just that good.

I have tried SO MANY different carry ons since I started traveling and this is the only one I loved so much that I decided to write a whole blog post about it.

Baboon to the Moon sent this bag to me months ago, but with lockdown, I wasn't able to travel and actually try it out. I did get this bag as part of a brand deal but that deal has been over for months now and they actually have no idea that I am writing this post right now. So, this is my totally honest review of the bag after actually getting to travel with it.

About the Go-Bag:

Baboon to the Moon's Go-Bags are what I call a "Backpack Duffel." I have no idea if thats the proper term, but I'm too lazy to google that. What I mean by "Backpack Duffel" is that it's shaped almost exactly like a duffel bag but the straps are backpack straps so you can carry it like a backpack.

The Go-Bag is offered in three sizes, Mini, Small, and Large. I opted for the Small because it is TSA approved carry on size but big enough to fit a week's worth of clothes.

On to why I love it:


  • It's Sustainable!

  • Quality Material

    • Don't make the same mistake I did at first...

      • I bought a cheap version of this bag at a discount for around $20. I loved the design, but it was poor quality and the cheap material made the bag sag and weigh down on my back. The Go-Bag has absolutely no issue with this, it maintains its shape while it's on my back and feels comfortable and secure.

  • Theft Proof Design

    • Lockable Zippers

    • Pocket security

      • Unlike a regular backpack, the main pocket of the bag faces your back. While carrying the Go-Bag on your back, it would be nearly impossible for someone to approach you from behind and unzip the bag.

    • Thick material

  • Easy to pack

  • Color & Style

    • I wasn't sure about red at first but honestly, everyone has a black bag, so if someone were to try to steal it, I could spot it immediately. When I check it in, I'm able to spot it at the luggage pick up easily.

  • Straps

    • Super comfortable

    • Transformable

    • Four Handles

    • Clips!!!

      • There are clips at the end of each strap so the extra length can be tucked in.

      • This protects against straps getting caught in conveyer belts and ripping the bag at the airport.

      • Also, when you are riding a scooter, the straps wont fall and get caught in the wheel.


  • Always sold out

  • Price

    • At $169, it's not the most expensive bag I've ever seen, but it's no cheapo $20 gym duffle – and theres a reason for that.

    • The quality is impeccable and worth the investment.

    • Buying quality is sustainable.

      • You will NEVER need to buy another carry-on, especially because it comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

  • No Wheels (but is this really a con?)

    • Depending on the type of traveler you are, this could be a con, but personally I find carrying my luggage to be a whole lot easier than dealing with luggage wheels on European cobblestone streets.

Maximize Space:

I mean, how much explanation does this need? Sometimes I shop a lot when I'm traveling (especially when the airline gives me a free checked bag), so instead of worrying about space, I just bring this bag and book an extra bag for the way back. It's not the cutest bag ever, but it gets the job done for one flight home.

The bag pictured above is the one that I have, it's from Eddie Bauer and on sale for only $20 right now!

Happy Travels!

xx Liza

Edited by Sophia Pedigo

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