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I Messed Up my Visa

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

I haven't totally messed it up yet, but I'm getting close.

For the love of God please apply for your visas on time because I ALWAYS mess this up.

So here's my rant about this situation:

Let me preface this with a reminder that I have ADHD and one of the biggest issues I face is "time blindness." Time blindness is a common trait in those with ADHD where we have a complete lack of awareness of time and an inability to track time passing. On top of this, I have a very short "time horizon." While most adults can conceptualize the future up to 12 weeks ahead, I, and many others with ADHD, struggle to think further than the next week.

You can see how a visa application for a trip 3 months away could be an issue...

In early July, I got my acceptance to VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussels) and I knew I had to start figuring out my visa ASAP because I didn't really have much time. But, it's a different system from what I am used to here in Prague, so I did some research. I don't know how long that took, but by the time I figured it out, it was the end of July.

At this time, I successfully got my visa application submitted online and I thought I was golden. I knew I needed it sent in by the end of July so I thought I was right on the ball with this. I let myself think that for two more weeks. Without realizing time was passing, I had a huge moment of panic when I remembered I still had to turn in documents.

Anyway, I got even more confused with documents (since I'm from the US, I assumed that I needed an FBI background check but nope, just a Czech police check), but I finally finished gathering documents this week, made my appointment, THEN realized I need the documents translated. :,)

That's where I'm at now. Waiting for my documents to be translated, hopefully by Thursday, then I'll turn in the application and hope it gets approved in three weeks

Let's be real, that's probably not going to happen. So, here's my plan:

  1. Manifest my Belgian visa is approved by September 15th

  2. Apply for an extension of my Czech residency under the purpose of "Seeking Employment" that recent graduates here are permitted (with that visa in processing I am legal to be in the Czech Republic)

  3. If September 15th approaches and neither visas are approved, apply for a bridging visa (a temporary visa that lets me leave the Czech Republic while my residency is in processing) so this way I have some sort of EU residency or visa to get me started in Belgium

  4. When my visas are approved, I'll make a trip back to Prague to pick them up

  5. Go back to Brussels and meet the Belgian authorities to make it all official

Now I just need to get a hold of my landlord, buy health insurance, deposit money, get my diploma, and take new passport photos so I can get my Czech residency going... Wish me luck.

Edited by Sophia Pedigo


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