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Dealing With Homesickness Abroad

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Living abroad comes with endless perks, but even with all the benefits, you're still half a world away from family and that can be hard.

I'm not gonna lie, I don't really get homesick. Of course, sometimes, but when I rarely do, it's not very severe. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and I miss them dearly, but I don't often get caught up in it. Maybe it's just me or maybe it's my ADHD causing me to struggle with object permanence. Plus, I've lived away from home for more than three years now and Prague feels more like a home to me than the US at this point. What I'm trying to say is that I'm probably not the best person to be writing this, but I'm going to try.

Nevertheless, here's what I do to help curb any potential homesickness.

  1. Call my family, a lot. I go through times when I call my mom every day; at the beginning of the pandemic when I was bored in quarantine, it was twice a day! FaceTime is also nice, but I find that if I'm seeing them it actually makes me more homesick and I start longing to be back in my childhood home. (I guess it kinda is the object permanence thing)

    1. If a phone call doesn't do the trick, I watch a movie from my childhood. Something about being wrapped in a comforter watching Harry Potter or the Lizzie McGuire Movie makes me feel at home.

    2. I also love baking family recipes. I keep a few of my mom's best baked goods recipes on hand for whenever I miss the smell of home.

    3. When I'm missing a food I can't bake on my own I go to the American grocery store and pick up some American foods, like Fig Newtons or Goldfish.

    4. My parents were big gardeners so I also keep some plants that were in my garden back home on my windowsill and it keeps my room smelling like home.

    5. Or, if you're like me and doing all these things just make you even more homesick than you were in the first place, ignore it until it goes away. Okay, that sounds like awful advice but it's what got me through my first semester! Don't dwell on what you miss from home and rather embrace the best aspects of your life in your new home! Romanticize the fuck out of your life! Go out with your best friends and have a picnic in a field like the cottagecore princesses you are! Or buy a baguette to hang out of your tote bag as you walk around the city looking like a Y2K Parisian icon! Or, my favorite, book a $50 flight to Italy, or Spain, or Turkey, or wherever for the weekend because you couldn't have done that if you still lived in the US!

This might be awful advice, this might be great advice, I really don't know but I hope it helps someone! xx Liza

Edited by Sophia Pedigo

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