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Czech Student Visa Application Checklist


  • Confirm appointment time

    • Double-check that time and date again just in case

  • Confirm travel time with plenty of room for error*

  • Set about 52 alarms so you’re not late

Visa Appointment Documents:
  • Application form

  • Passport

    • 2 Copies of the Personal Data Page

    • Copies of other Visas (this isn’t required, I’m just abundantly cautious)

  • 2 EU Passport ID-Sized Photos (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm)

    • Extra photos just in case

  • Application fee: 2,500kč

    • Applying abroad: Check payment methods

    • Applying in Prague: 2,500kč in stamps from the post office

  • Double check everything has the necessary signatures

  • Confirmation of Study

    • 2 Copies

  • Proof of Accommodation

    • 2 Copies

  • Proof of Funds

    • 2 Copies

    • The debit card for this account

      • 2 Copies of the front only (make sure the name is visible)

  • Health Insurance Contract (if submitting with application)

    • 2 Copies

    • Proof of Payment

      • 2 Copies

  • Criminal History Check

    • 2 Copies

  • Medical Report

    • 2 Copies


  • Just check the appointment & travel time one more time :)

  • Make sure your phone isn’t on silent so your alarms definitely go off

*PLENTY of room for error. I once rented a car to get to my visa appointment and, of course, on the way to my appointment, the tire blew out and my friend and I had to beg a random Slovak man to help us change the tire. By some stroke of fate, I factored in enough cushion time that I wasn’t late for the appointment.

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Edited by Sophia Pedigo


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