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Cost of Living in Prague

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

This differs for everyone, but generally, this is what my friends and I have for monthly expenses as students living in the city center.

Quick Breakdown of my Monthly Expenses:

Rent: 10,000CZK ($428); this is typical rent for a room in Prague

Food: 2,400-3,600CZK ($100-$154); I go grocery shopping every other day or every three days and spend about 300CZK ($12.50) each time

Transportation: 120CZK ($5.15)

Drug Store Stuff (Toiletries & Cleaning Supplies): about 500-750CZK ($21-$32)

Entertainment: 400-2,400CZK ($17-$100); depends on what you like to do for fun and how often you go out but a night at a club usually costs me 400-600CZK ($17-$25)

If you're someone who looks at numbers and your mind goes blank, here are some easily comparable prices for things:

(I'm from Connecticut, so that's my basis of US prices, just fyi)

Prague US

Cappuccino: 60CZK ($2.50) $4

Cocktail: 100CZK ($4.30) $12

Beer: 30CZK ($1.30) $6

Dinner at an average restaurant: 150CZK ($6.50) $20

Additional costs that don't occur monthly but you should factor in:

Health Insurance: 1,000CZK ($42); each month of coverage with Uniqa, most students have this plan. You need to prove you have it for the duration of your visa, so for a year visa, it's 12,000CZK ($514) paid upfront.

Flights: $375 round trip from Prague to New York. It depends on where you live, but this is what it will cost for me to visit home this Christmas

Visa fees: 2,500CZK ($107) each time you apply, usually yearly or half-yearly

Also, keep in mind that when you apply for your visa you have to provide proof of funds. For 6 months its 55,000CZK ($2,400). For one year, I believe, it is $4,000. However, you just have to keep that money in your account for 24 hours in order to get the paperwork from the bank. What I do, along with most students is borrow money from a parent, family member, or friend for a day, transfer it into your account, wait a day, get the paperwork from the bank, and transfer it back to whomever you borrowed it from.

Tuition: Obviously, this depends on the university. Public universities are like $300 a semester, and private universities are like $3,000 a semester.

Hope this helps you figure out if living in Prague is financially feasible!

xx Liza

Edited by Sophia Pedigo

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