How To Get Into AAU

Had the best four years of my life here and, seriously, you will too. I read the admissions policy and combined it with my own knowledge of the University so you know what you need to get into AAU.

Side note, if you happen to apply mention me on your application :)


Degree Seeking Student: A student who will study their full degree at AAU (this is what I did)

University: Anglo American University which consists of multiple schools if study

School: The school within the university which your program is apart of

Required Documents:

  • High School Diploma

  • High School Transcript (they can't really give a GPA requirement because this is an international university with students from all over the world coming from different academic systems so each student is assessed individually based on their academic preparedness)

  • English Language Exam Results (for non-native English speaking students)

  • CV/Resume

  • Personal Statement (they provide the prompts)

  • Passport or ID Copy

  • Passport Size Photo (you can take it yourself at home)



There is no deadline! AAU has rolling admissions so they are accepting applications at all times.

However, you want to give yourself enough time to get a visa if you need one. Give yourself about 4 months for gathering visa documents, submitting the application, and processing time.

AAU stops accepting applications from non-visa seeking applicants for the upcoming semester two weeks before the semester starts.

Students with visa requirements are requested to apply no later than 10 weeks before the start of the term.


Read my post about building a good CV here: CV Tips for Applying to Uni Abroad

AAU looks for students who show initiative, motivation, leadership, persistence, and service to others.

Personal Statement:

AAU provides the prompts for this here: Undergraduate Admissions

You should write about your academic, personal, and extracurricular achievements.


Honestly, it is not as stressful as you expect, but here’s what you should keep in mind going into the interview.

This is what they assess: